What days of the week do you pick-up/deliver?

Currently, members on our Compost Only plans get serviced on Thursdays and Fridays. Those with a produce order on our Farmer’s Choice and Custom Produce plans get their service on Saturdays and Sundays. We’re in different neighborhoods on different days so after you give us your address, we’ll let you know which service day you’ll be placed on.

Where do I leave my bucket for pickup?

On your first visit, our driver will access the best location for the Bin Swap exchange—we recommend a discreet location away from the street. For apartment buildings, it’s usually in the entry vestibule or near the mailboxes/package drop-off. Other locations include the top of the stoop, behind a fence, or with a doorman. When you leave your bin out for collection, please make sure to attach a note so it doesn’t get mistakenly moved or taken.

Will my service day be the same each week?

Yes, your service day will stay the same unless you switch to a different plan. If our routes change at any point, we will be sure to inform you ahead of time.

What time is my pickup?

You’ll receive a reminder to place your bin out and a 3-hour ETA window to expect us on the morning of your service. The ETA will generally stay the same, however, from time to time, we might arrive earlier or later than usual depending on external factors like weather, traffic, and re-routing.

Do I need to be home for pickup?

As long as we can access your bin without you being there, you won’t need to be present at the time of pickup. If you know you won’t be home, you can arrange for a neighbor to help with the swap or place it outside with a note attached.

If we are unable to access your bin without your presence, we recommend that you or someone you know stays on call during your ETA—otherwise, you’d risk missing your swap.

How much produce will I get with the plan?

The amount of produce you’ll receive is based on the plan you select:

Compost-Only users receive a small piece of complimentary produce as a ‘thank you’ for composting with us—examples from the past have included an apple, onion, potato, carrot, etc.

Farmer’s Choice users will have the option of selecting from three sizes of produce: Small: $15 (3-5 items), Medium: $30 (6-8 items), Large: $50 (10-12 items)

Members on the Custom Order plan get to choose exactly what they want for each service.

Can I omit certain produce items from my order?

To customize your produce selection, you must opt for the Custom Order plan.

Will you collect my scraps on the first service?

We can accept up to one 5-gallon bin’s worth of material on your first visit. Place your scraps in any bag or container you already have and find somewhere on the ground level to leave it. Attaching a note will let others know it will be collected soon and please remember to leave us delivery instructions in your User Account so we know what to look for.

Generally, we are able to transport your first batch of scraps but if we can’t safely transport the material on your first visit, we’ll let you know and you can either top off your bin during future collections or request an additional bin at $5 each.

How do you recommend storing my scraps? Does it smell?

If you have space in your refrigerator, freezing your scraps is the best option. When it’s time for your service, simply transfer the material into your bin and place it outside during the time of collection.

If freezing your scraps is not an option, you can place them directly into the bin and keep the lid sealed. If it’s tightly closed, you should not experience any odors or pests—we’ve had absolutely zero complaints.

For both options, when placing the scraps in your bin, please make sure to use the brown paper bag we provide as the liner as it helps us with our cleaning process and adds some ‘browns’ to absorb liquid from the food scraps.

How big are your compost bins?

We use 5-gallon bins that hold upwards of 25 lbs of food scraps when compressed inside. The bin is 12” in diameter and 14.5” tall—perfect for storing underneath your sink or in a closet. Some of our members even place it on a fire escape or in the backyard.

Do you offer additional bins for pickup if my scraps don’t fit into one?

Yes, please place a request with thedirt@groundcycle.org—we charge $5 extra per additional bin if you’re already a Bin Swap member. Just let us know if it’s a one-time request or if you’d like extra bins at every service.

Where should I keep my bin?

Our bins are meant to be kept indoors—usually in the kitchen, under the sink, or in a closet. If you’d like to keep it outdoors, make sure it is located in a secure location so it doesn’t get lost. For this, we recommend either a fire escape or a backyard.

Can I change my plan once I start?

Yes, you can switch your plan at any time. Please request a change in your User Account—we’ll send you an email as soon as we are able to process the change. If you confirm with us by our Wednesday midnight deadline, we’ll be able to get you started that week.

How can I change the frequency of my service?

You may choose between weekly or bi-weekly services in your User Account.

Can I skip a service or pause my subscription?

Yes, you can skip a service by midnight on Wednesday before your scheduled visit. Beyond this deadline, we won’t be able to waive your charge.

To pause your subscription, please reach out to thedirt@groundcycle.org with the start and end date of the suspension and we’ll be happy to help.

What if my bin is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Please email us as soon as possible and you can order a replacement bin for $8. We will deliver the clean bin on your next scheduled service. For that pickup, please feel free to provide us with your food scraps in any bag or container we can use to transport the material.

We recommend placing your bin somewhere secure throughout the week when you’re using it and when you set it out on collection day, placing a handwritten note on the bin really helps with preventing theft.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and payments are securely processed by Stripe.

How often will I be billed?

We bill per service to guarantee you maximum flexibility. If you would like to switch your plan or skip a service or produce order, please let us know by midnight Wednesday before your scheduled visit.