Why should I use Groundcycle?

Groundcycle provides you with a zero-waste experience by connecting you with your local farmers. We help you compost your food scraps and provide you with the freshest seasonal produce.

Besides produce and compost, we run many other initiatives and help you stay engaged with your community—including our Hard-to-Recycle Pilot, farm tours, compost givebacks, donation drives and other special events.

We offer two different programs—Bin Swaps and Compost Hubs. We can come to you or you can come to us.

Our Bin Swap program is a door-to-door service where we come and do everything for you. You’ll get our 5 gallon bin, collect your food scraps, and we’ll swap it out depending on your subscription plan.

For our Compost Hub, you can visit us during our weekly open hours to drop off food scraps and pick up a bag of locally grown food. This is an entirely volunteer-run program so please pay-what-you-can to support us and reach out if you’d like to volunteer.

What areas do you service?

We started in Brooklyn but have recently expanded to Ridgewood and Manhattan! Sign up here.

If we’re not in your area yet, let us know you’re interested here—the more requests we have, the quicker we’ll get there so make sure to spread the word with your friends and neighbors!