Why is composting so important?

Over one third of NYC’s residential waste stream is organic, which means it can be broken down into nutrient-dense fertilizer. However, when organic waste ends up in landfill, it breaks down anaerobically (without oxygen) and produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas 25 times more harmful than CO2. When you simply separate out your compostables from your trash, not only are you diverting it from landfills, but you are also enriching soils and improving the overall health of our planet.

Where is all the compost going?

The scraps we collect from our Bin Swap program are being processed at McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, NY. Many local farms in the area use McEnroe compost for their crops—including our partner farms. So it’s truly full circle.

We are so grateful to be partnering with Big Reuse for our Compost Hub program to process the scraps at their local community composting sites.

What can I compost with Groundcycle?