Why is composting so important?

Over one third of NYC’s residential waste stream is organic, which means it can be broken down into nutrient-dense fertilizer. However, when organic waste ends up in landfill, it breaks down anaerobically (without oxygen) and produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas 25 times more harmful than CO2. When you simply separate out your compostables from your trash, not only are you diverting it from landfills, but you are also enriching soils and improving the overall health of our planet.

Where is all the compost going?

Right now, we are connected to a few micro-haulers who are also taking the initiative to save compost in New York City. Our friend, Fred, from Nature Based is kindly driving our compost to McEnroe Organic Farm to be processed. We are also working with Lou from Astoria Pug who is doing incredible work to save compost in Queens.

*If you are located close to NYC and have the ability to process compost, we’d love to work with you! Head to our Get Involved page to learn more about how you can help us process the compost we are collecting.

What can I compost with Groundcycle?