Our Groundcycle Family

We couldn’t do it without:


● Anne Apparu-Hall ● Annie Zhou ● Diane B. Zlotnikov ● Eve Kaplan Walbrecht ● Karen Washington ● Yuting Zhou ●

Compost Collectors

● Ceci Pineda ● Fred Wolf ● Lou Reyes ● Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli ● Sonia Fountaine ●


● Edward Lin ● Iris Guo ● John Hu ● Karen Chen ● Meghan Lin ● Michelle Lin ● Wendy Li ● Willson Li ●

Web Developers

● Carlie Huang ● Henry Chen ● Rachael Tseng ●

Guest Chefs

● Donna Xu ● Joy Watts ●

Social Media Contributors

● Amanda Rowe ● Chris Muscari ● Cindy Tan ● Elaine Zhang ● Kristen Chiu ● Sally Choi ●

Copy Editor

● Patrick Dunham ●


● Amer Jandali ● Timmy Oh ●

Community Garden Organizer

● Caspar Lant ●

Media Supporters

● Amelia Nierenberg ● Stephanie Keith ●

Videographer + Director

● Leo Hsu ● Silver Chang ●

Social Impact Scholars

● Brian Hanssen ● Jessica Ho ● Josefina Lovell ● Lucy Lee ● Melisa Urena ● Pablo Vargas ●


● Akash Kejriwal ● Arlex Gole ● Beth Park ● Cody Tong ● Demi Huang ● Erica Vinson ● Gina Jung ● Kiani Conley-Wilson ● Lillian Hua ● Qiu Hua He ● Rachel de Vera ● Roshni Khatiwala ● Stephanie Williams ● Vivian Mok ●

Would you like to...

Volunteer With Us

Compost Hub:

Our drop-offs are entirely volunteer-run and as we expand our locations, we’ll need people like you to help us make sure everything is running smoothly. Volunteer slots are usually 3 hours long. You’ll be helping us with setting up, monitoring the compost drop off, signing people up for Farmer’s Choice Produce Bags, and cleaning up.


All this produce and compost need to get around somehow! We are in high need of someone with a car or cargo van who wants to drive for us. Volunteer and paid positions are both available. If you do not have a vehicle but still want to help us drive, please still reach out!


Love what we’re doing and want to contribute in another way? We want to tap into your skill sets and interests so if you have any specific suggestions on how you can help, please reach out! We’re open to collaboration and would love to work with you. Let’s get creative with it.

*We really appreciate all of the support! We’re a grassroots organization and have our hands full but we will try our best to find a way to work together as soon as we can.


Donate Supplies

Be A Compost Hub

Are you a community garden, church, or other organization that would like to be a compost drop-off site?

As long as you’re interested and are willing to let us use your site for a couple of hours a week, we will provide the supplies, bring volunteers to help, and take the compost away at the end of the shift. This is a great chance to increase foot traffic for you!

Sell Your Produce

Are you an organic farmer in need of a market to distribute your produce?

Our Groundcyclers are conscious consumers who want to support local agriculture.

Process Our Compost

Do you have the capability to accept and process any amount of compost?

We are collecting compost from communities and are always looking for local outlets to distribute the compost to.

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