Where does the produce come from?

We source from local organic farmers to make sure our produce is of the utmost quality and freshness.

During the peak of COVID-19, food distribution chains were disrupted and farmers were struggling to get their produce directly to consumers. We are supporting these farms and preventing food waste.

Our current farms include Garden of Eve, Hephzibah Organic Farm and Mushrooms.NYC which are all located in Long Island.

*If you are located near NYC and grow organic produce, we’d love to work with you! We are especially interested in supporting new and small farmers who need help creating a market to sell their crops. Head to our Get Involved page to learn more about becoming one of our farms.

Why should I eat organic?

Organic produce has higher antioxidant and micronutrient levels than conventional fruits and vegetables because it is grown in healthier soil. When food is grown without any harmful chemicals, it means you can even eat it straight from the ground! Pesticides lead to depleted soil, polluted air and have large negative impacts on the bee population.

Without using harmful chemicals, organic farmers have to work extra hard to maintain the weeds in their fields. When you pay a little extra for organic produce, you’re compensating farmers fairly for their extreme care of the land and for all of the labor that goes into producing the healthy foods you eat to nourish your body.

What produce are you offering?